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Design. Build. Live. You're In Good Hands.


Each day that I arrive at the woodshop,


after biking through the noise and


morning industrial traffic of Bushwick,


Brooklyn, I think about two things:


wood in all its beautiful incarnations:


tree, lumber, board, scrap, and the


dust left when one becomes the


other; and people I know and don’t,


moving through the space where they


live: where they keep their books or


shoes, where they sit to read or lace


up. How they might bring tea or


cocktails across the room to friends,


or reach sleepily for a toothbrush. How


their space makes them feel.

For all of my first 25 years I was around and then


involved in the transformative process of remodeling


almost every inch of our family home in Ann Arbor, MI,


of rethinking all indoor space. Eventually I was


compelled by outdoor spaces, landshaping with new


materials like bluestone, water flows, and extensive


wood decks. And in the midst of such physical, tactile


work grew a fascination with photography, the quiet


technology of capturing an image.



In 2007 this study and experience came with me to


Brooklyn and is now distilled in the work I do.


Design: A thoughtful, practiced eye and concern with


unique pieces appropriate to those who will use and


enjoy them. Build: A skilled, meticulous shop ethic


and appreciation of the beauty of natural materials.


Live: Functional, helpful pieces that will integrate


in a powerful way into the lives of those for whom I





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